Chipsy Warriors at Coastal ICC Trophy 2023

The Coastal ICC Trophy 2023 was a remarkable event that brought together the best of cricketing talent from 16 software companies in and around coastal districts Udupi, Mangalore.
Held at Sahyadri Grounds in Mangalore on Jan 21st and 22nd, the event was organised by Novigo Solutions, a leading software company in Mangalore. It provided an opportunity for cricket enthusiasts working in software firms to be part of an exciting occasion.

The tournament was a great success and provided a platform for budding cricketers working in IT firms to showcase their skills, abilities and also network with others.

This is the first time we Chipsy IT Services Pvt. Ltd, a website and mobile app development company from Udupi were invited to participate in such a sports event.

Being chosen as the captain of a team was an honour that comes with great responsibility. It was no different for me when I, Vishwanath, front end development lead, was chosen by our MD Sandeep Bhakta to be the captain of our team. I was nervous at the same time excited to take on this new role. I knew that it was an opportunity that I could not pass up.

All this while we just came to the office everyday, did our regular office work and left. But then with the announcement of the coastal ICC Trophy 2023 we started practising every weekend. We woke up early on weekends and gathered with our team for practice at Manipal grounds.

On Jan 21st, we were all ready to go to Mangalore for the much-awaited cricket match. The excitement of the team was palpable as everyone had their personalised jerseys with their names printed on them. Megha, our Project Manager was also there to cheer us on and show her support.

At 4.30 pm on a Saturday afternoon, our team was ready to take the field for the first time. Despite losing the toss, we were determined to put in our best effort and win the match. Our hard work eventually paid off as we emerged victorious in the first match. The whole team was filled with joy and excitement after the win, which made us even more determined to continue our winning streak.

Subsequently we played our next inning the same evening and one another the next morning. After a long and hard-fought battle, our team was unfortunately defeated. Despite our best efforts, we were unable to come out victorious in the end. Nevertheless, it was an amazing experience playing three innings in two days. Congratulations to the winners Glowtouch technologies.

Attending the event was a great opportunity for us to represent our company Chipsy and to connect with people from different companies. We also got a chance to network with professionals who have been in the industry for many years and understand what it takes to be successful.

Playing games is an important part of life that teaches us valuable lessons and motivates us to keep improving. We experienced both joy and sorrow when we won or lost the games on the field, but this event has taught us invaluable lessons about perseverance, dedication and hard work. It has given us the courage to continue pushing forward even in difficult situations and strive for success.

Sports activities in the workplace have been proven to boost employee morale, increase productivity and foster team spirit. With that in mind, we are hopeful that our firm will be able to host more such activities and come back stronger for Coastal ICC 2024. This would be beneficial not only for our employees, but also for the organisation as a whole. We believe that with more sports activities conducted in the office, it would lead to improved work-life balance and better collaboration between teams. Additionally, this would also help us build a stronger team spirit which is essential for any successful organisation.

Thanks to Novigo Solutions for the wonderful arrangements and having us there. It was an amazing experience filled with enthusiasm and energy that will stay with us forever.

Here are glimpses of our moments at Coastal ICC trophy 2023.

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