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Edutech is our School Management System (SMS) which is a comprehensive and integrated software solution designed to streamline and enhance the efficiency of various administrative and academic processes within an educational institution.

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Definition of the Edutech School Management System

Edutech School management systems help schools organise, plan, and control the activities of human and material resources and accomplish the functions of teaching, research, and work.

The importance of efficient school administration

An Edutech school management system can enhance the organisation’s tasks by automating school workloads and improving communication. This will help teachers focus on any other task. Even administrators will benefit from school management software.

Definition of the Chipsy Eduteck - School Management System
Key highlight:
  • NAAC: National Assessment and Accreditation Council
  • UDISC : Unified District information system for Children

  • Block Education office

Our app is fully compliant to the above regulatory bodies of education and the app has built in reports in the pre-designed formats which can be sent to them at regular intervals.


This system acts as the central hub for administrators, enabling efficient control and management of various aspects that contribute to the smooth operation of the institute.

Institute Management

Maintain all the data relating to the Institute at one click of a button.

Student Management

Manage your student data from joining till day to day attendance, performance and progress details.

Admission Management

Enjoy Hassle free admission end to end process digitally.

Staff Management

Manage all the faculty - teaching and non teaching details within the tool in a seamless way.

Automate your school process

Empower your institution with cutting-edge technology and elevate the educational experience for both students and staff.

Key Features

Key points of Edutech School Management System

Types of Edutech School Management Software

Edutech Cloud-based school management software

Cloud-based solutions

A cloud-based Edutech school management system gives a lot of benefits, like cost efficiency, scalability, real-time data, centralised storage, user interfaces, apps, student profile management, staff information, the ability to check assignments, and regulatory staff working more efficiently.

Edutech School Management System Open-source options chipsy

Open-source options

There are open-source management systems like RosarioSIS, Fedena, Gibbon, Openadmin for schools, OpenSISS, Alfiface, and DAT Linux.

Customizable solutions Edutech School Management System

Customizable solutions

Even though there are customisable Edutech school management systems: comprehensive school management system, online student attendance view, Erp school software, Blackbaud, dynamic multilingual system, Ellucian banner, Power School, and custom education.

Benefits of the Edutech School Management System

  • Improved efficiency in school processes

The school management system can improve the efficiency of schools and streamline operations.

  • Enhanced communication between stakeholders

The school management system will improve communication with stakeholders.

Implementation Steps

  • Choosing the right system
  • Training staff and users
  • Integration with existing processes
Edutech School Management Software help School



Marking and tracking of attendance of all students on a day to day basis can be done via this tool.


Get to know your students details on their subject wise performance, track their progress and communicate to the guardians/parents in an accurate, consistent and periodic way.

Parents Portal

Enable every parent to check the performance of their wards on a regular basis.

Teacher’s Portal

Enable teacher's to track their attendance, payroll, time table and examination details digitally.

Optimize your school tasks easily

Equip your organization with state-of-the-art technology to enhance the educational experience for both students and staff.

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Best School Management System Design


Section Attendance Report School Management System
Academic report with the help of School Management System

Loved by professionals

The seamless integration of administrative tasks, academic planning, and communication tools has not only saved us time but has significantly enhanced our overall efficiency.

Jeevan Teacher

The implementation process was surprisingly smooth, and the system's flexibility allowed us to tailor it to our unique needs.

Shilpa Principal


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frequently asked questions

Transform the future of education with our comprehensive solution.

A School Management System is a comprehensive web-based application that automates various administrative,academic, and communication processes within educational institutions.

Yes, parents and students can log in to the system to access academic information such as exam results, report cards, class schedules, and announcements.

Many SMS applications are designed to be mobile-friendly or offer dedicated mobile apps, allowing users to access essential features on smartphones or tablets.

  1. Detailed Edutech Student Management:
    Chipsy's remedy encourages you to easily take care of trainee documents, admissions, presence, and educational efficiency in one systematised system. Bid farewell to documentation and hello to an extra-arranged and reliable system.
  2. Easy-to-use Interface:
    Our edutech school management system was developed with simplicity in mind. Whether you are a tech-savvy manager or a novice to electronic devices, Chipsy's user-friendly user interface ensures simplicity of usage for everybody.
  3. Effective Communication Channels:
    Promote smooth interaction between moms and dads, instructors, and trainees. Our system provides durable messaging functions, making certain that crucial information gets to the appropriate recipients quickly.
  4. Automated Attendance Tracking:
    Eliminate hands-on presence monitoring with our automated system. Conserve time and decrease mistakes, permitting your personnel to concentrate on even more impactful elements of education and learning.
  5. Incorporated Financial Management:
    Effortlessly take care of the institution's financial resources, charges, and payroll with Chipsy's incorporated monetary devices. Gain an understanding of your college's monetary health and wellness as well as make informed choices.

Chipsy Services is a trusted name in software programme options, with a dedication to technology and quality. Sophisticated modern technology and a committed assistance group guarantee your establishment’s success in our school management system.

See our website, Chipsy Services, to learn exactly how our edutech school management system can change your institution's management. Sign up for the future of education and learning with Chipsy, where effectiveness satisfies quality.

There are lots of benefits for institutions, like financial management, attendance management, fee management, timetable management, communication, and the learning process.

When you choose school management software, you must consider integration, reporting, task management, and collaboration. Other features include scalability, customisation, security and compliance, cloud-based technology, resource management, timesheets, ease of use, real-time reporting, and a professional interface.

Cloud-based and open-source software both have benefits for schools.

Cloud-based software

Save students money on the books.

Provide up-to-date materials.

Remove unnecessary software and hardware.

Reach all students.

Easy access.

The data will be safe.

Open-source software

Save money

Flexible and customisable software.

Open source is more reliable and beneficial.

Allow students to study to make better software and learn open-source code.

Allow students to share their work, even if they can comment.

School management software allows communication between teachers and parents through messaging. Parents can ask questions to teachers, and teachers can send messages to parents regarding their child's progress.

There are some steps to implement in edutech school management system planning, execution, admission management, and maintenance. During the planning process, the school must identify the requirements.

There are some challenges in adopting a new management system, like change resistance, security concerns, user adoption, data quality, compliance, and personal data.

Yes, it's possible to integrate with the school management system.

Artificial intelligence (AI), gamification, personalised learning, eLearning, mobile accessibility and apps, enhanced communication and collaboration, data analytics and predictive insights, cloud-based technology, social media integration, big data analytics, scalability for future growth, and seamless integration for hybrid learning are the future trends in school management software and technology.

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