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Foodbinge – Restaurant Food Ordering and Delivery Platform

Make your customers order directly from your Foodbinge app with the best features of search & filter. Let your customers track their orders and make payments through wallets and cards.

Foodbinge is an online restaurant search and delivery platform. It helps accelerate the speed of execution and simplify the food ordering process of your restaurants and customers, effectively with minimum delays and confusion. Foodbinge is a complete food delivery mobile app for restaurant chain owners and food startups.


Smart Dashboard to receive & manage all orders from a single place. Customize your menu & offerings all managed by yourself with just a few clicks.
Track your delivery status in real-time by knowing your agent’s GPS location as well as enable your customers to track their delivery.

Our route optimization engine picks the shortest & fastest routes helping you manage multiple orders with efficiency. Reduced ETAs on deliveries ensure an exceptional delivery experience for your customers.

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