These days one can see advertisements about digital marketing services flashing everywhere. What is it? How can it be helpful in boosting a business? Read on!!

Here is a quick layman’s purview of digital marketing factors that should be handy for anyone looking to use digital marketing services for branding, generating leads or growing their customers.

  • Digital Marketing : Advertising on the internet, promoting your business across every other digital platform and digital media such as computers, smartphones, tablets.
  • Pillars of Digital Marketing:
    •  Website
    • Search Engine Optimization
    • Social Media Management
    • Content Marketing (Valuable Blog posts, Attractive Creatives)
    • Email Marketing
    • Paid Ads/Ad Campaigns
  • Benefits of digital marketing :  Connects businesses effectively with its potential customers.
  • Boosting Factor:  Availability of a wide range of choices, offers, reviews on various products and services boosts customer reliability and this in turn boosts digital market.
  • Website :  Virtual shop for online audience. Must have for each business to stay afloat in the e-commerce race.
  • Search Engine Optimization : If you want to reach the top of Google Search Engine Results Page , you must optimize your website with the right keywords.
  • Content Marketing : Tell your customer what, why and how your product services his/her needs. Publish demo video, informative posts about a product and create awareness.
  • Email Marketing : Keep old and new customers informed about promotional offers, achievements, purchase orders by email. Builds trust.
  • Social Media Management : Customers are all over the internet. Flashing social media platforms often with product related posts, offers and sales helps in significant brand promotion.
  • Paid Ads/Ad Campaigns : Pay and win significant customers through Google Ads, Facebook Ads, YouTube Ads.

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