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Ingenious, imaginative  dedicated & futuristic

We are the path to serve enterprises through innovative and advanced digital solutions. Transforming the digital persona of our clients, keeping in mind the ongoing trends, and accelerating pace with the upcoming technologies is truely what we focus on. Our main motto is to offer you the best out of all.

Situated in the heart of the city of Udupi, Chipsy Information Technology and Services is one of the outstanding niche IT service provider which is delivering quality and robust technology solutions across the globe. Presently we hold expertise in offering solution as per our client’s specific requirement where we work to reach their expectations and keep up the appearances.

Chipsy Information Technology and services delivers web and mobile development service with an agility of cent percent project delivery progress. We are known as the programmers with budget friendly techno packages. We aim to take you to the world of a design focused approach through the galaxy of successful project execution process. We encompass the zeal and zest in incubating novel and unique ideas towards the projects with a productive and satisfactory outcome.

We make use of modern technologies, where we have a great team of experts with high calibre for creating scalable business-driven solutions. Chipsy Information Technology and services is like a family which denotes a bonding of togetherness that defines success by transcending innovative ideas with its tech expertise. Our utmost quality of work in leveraging the technologies of today and tomorrow empowers our clients and businesses to the horizon of satisfaction. It is a feeling of pride when we talk about our certified tech experts who have faces myriad of challenges to support global clientele with an arena of IT services. They have originated a platform for various industry led mobility solutions in web and mobile applications with futuristic technologies like Internet of Things, Voice skills, cloud compounding

Quality Delivered in Time

We do not boost about our quality, its visible when we work with you. We are born to offer superior quality solutions which helps us to prevent failures and replicate success. We define our work by the quality of service we provide and the stipulated said time we promised. We relate to gallant clients and hence we strive to float in the ocean of digital revolution which replicates our passion to deliver successful mobile applications and websites in enthralling number. The appreciation from our clients is as sound as soothing music to our ears helps in sharpening our insights to offer them in perfection.

Rectitude and Righteousnes is everything

We work with honesty; we deliver our commitments with a fair vision of teamwork. The key is when a customer walks away, thinking, ‘Wow, I love doing business with them, and I want to tell others about the experience.’ We believe in giving you the best and you will experience the best when you start believing us.

Effective Collaboration

We work wonders with our clients when communication takes its turn. May be a thousand miles far but the connectivity is always near and transparent where we always keep in touch with our clients. This sounds overwhelming.

Client-centric Approach

Customer is the king of the market, and we crown them as well. Being one of the recognised webs and mobile app development company, we think with the client’s perspective setting a cover for their problems and coming out with worthy solutions. We devise remedies and make our clients reach the peak with the level of satisfaction that Chipsy Information Technology and Services creates for them.

Outcome oriented Approach

We keep our principles intact when it comes to hiring and recruitment. Our employees are those who are right fit to the chairs of Chipsy Information Technology and Services where they can well understand the needs of our clients and their expectations for quality results.
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