Skills which a software engineer in 2020 should possess

There are certain features emerging in enthralling number that try to differentiate best and expert developers from the good ones. Gaining knowledge from limited resources and seeking information is not a big issue but yes updating yourself with the innovative trends in technology is actually the need of hour for everyone on this planet and an inevitable task for all Software Engineers of 2020 and the future ones too. Learning to learn is a cliche and the best skill. Finding and hiring great developers is just the tip of the iceberg.

When Chipsy Information Technologies and Services enters a new framework, it enters with engineers who has invested in learning new skills and seem to have a hunger to continue doing so. We embark 7 skills specially sketched for a Software Engineer to be a winning streak of the year 2020 and also in the long run. The following are the seven keys to this “skills which a software Engineer 2020 should posses”

Key 1: Keep Updating yourself: Learning is a process deeper than the ocean and higher than the sky. The more you learn the more you earn. The more you keep yourself updated the more you get highly rated. These days Software Engineer’s use micro services, open source software and infrastructure on cloud, so get in touch with it.

Key 2: Great task Management: A most highlighted skill is the ability to estimate the amount of time needed to commence and complete the task, communicating the same and delivering on it. One should have a strong work ethic.

Key 3: A good team motivator: The best way to run on the path of success is to get motivated and to get others motivated. Offer your team mates to get better when they are stuck, teach them how to learn new skills and of course make them follow you.

Key 4: Learn the power of Google Search: We have to handle information at massive scale and extend well beyond web search. Likewise, every software engineer should think big and of course take risks to adventure technology.

Key 5: Communication skills: Great off shore developers usually speak multiple languages coherently and should be very comfortable with English to the core. Good communication skills directly correlate and get connected with good development skills.

Key 6: Basic concepts of management: Working with Project Managers, Scrum Masters or Technical Leads will be difficult if one doesn’t understand the semantics and the way of thinking. Be perfect to design, develop, test, review and deploy everything you come across in the best manner.

Key 7: Test your code: Testing your code is the best practice and could really save you a lot of time and problems down the road. Avoid huge or critical errors and bugs before you deploy your code.

These seven keys will open up the doors of success when you build your experience. Take a job which helps you to learn and flourish with this technology. Groom yourself with new skills and new abilities to work on successfully as a Software Engineer in this technological era.

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