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Title Hunter Bot
Title Hunter is a network of software robots “bots” deployed to automate the process of online residential title searching.

Scope of project

Title Hunter is a network of software robots “bots” deployed to automate the process of online residential title searching.

The bots are designed using RPA (Robotic Process Automation) technology which replicate the steps a searcher would take to complete a title search.

The title hunter is to provide the most efficient and accurate automated title search solutions for the U.S real estate industry.

Title Hunter is the result of goal to eliminate the difficulties that come with maintaining the right amount of title production staff while staying within annual operating budget. They spent the past year developing software bots to automate the title search process to help their customers better manage their order volume at half their current costs.

The team has an average of more than 18 years in the title insurance industry with experiences ranging from operations management to product development in support of the largest underwriters to the smallest agencies. We know there isn’t a one-size fits all solution in title search, but it can’t hurt to spend a few minutes to see what we’ve come up with.

Solution defined

Current Owner Search
A report used for refinance, HELOC’s, loan modifications, REO’s, and other servicing reviews.

Deed Mortgage Report
Includes the latest vesting deed and any open mortgages on the property and is typically used in mortgage servicing and portfolio reviews.

Pre-Search Report
A brief search containing the assessor and property tax details and the latest vesting deed.

Update/Datedown Report
Complete an update search on the subject property starting from the last search date forward to current effective plant date and report any additional posting’s.

Property Tax/Report
Provides the current tax status across all collecting entities, for a given property, requested for all refinance, purchase, HELOC, REO and servicing transactions.

Tech stack used


The backend is the server (provides REST services written in php lumen framework).
  • Frontend: Angular, Bootstrap
  • Backend: php 7.2 Lumen Framework
  • Server: Nginx Ubuntu 20.04 LTS
  • Database: MongoDB 4.2
  • Cloud: AWS, SES, CloudFront, S3, EC2
  • Developer tools: Trello, Jenkins, Bitbucket
  • Devops related: Aws pipeline

Outcome of proposed solution

Chipsy needed to take all its content and pack it into a seamless, enjoyable, and easy to developed RPA based CMS.

We design, build, test and implement RPA software bots according to your specific requirements for a one-time fee. Once the bots GO LIVE, we transfer ownership to your internal team and offer contracted maintenance support.

Flexibility – easy plug and play solution, customization offered
Speed – searches are completed in 1-4 hours
Accuracy – eliminates data entry and fatigue-related errors
Availability – bots run 24 x 7
Scalability – scales easily based on volume requirements
Savings – average targeted cost savings of 40%

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