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Udupi Help
Udupi municipality intends to improve its response to the complaints by bringing a smart phone application so that public can download the application in their smart phone and lodge their complaints through the application along with the photo or video.

Scope of project

Udupi is a city in the southwest Indian State of Karnataka. It is the headquarters of Udupi District.

During the monsoon period i.e. from June to September there will be heavy rains due to which there will be complaints of roadside drain blockages, stormwater blockages, tree fall due to strong winds, and other rain-related complaints. To solve these user problems suggested the mobile application and control room management system.

Solution defined

Keeping users in mind we decided to do an application with mobile number registration along with automatic fetching of the user’s current location. Users can post their complaints through the app with images and videos. Complaints will be listed in the control rooms for further actions on the reported complaints. Users will be getting all the notifications of the reported complaints from control rooms.

Tech stack used


  • Frontend : Angular 8
  • Backend : PHP lumen
  • Server: Nginx Ubuntu 20.04 LTS
  • Database: MongoDB 4.2
  • Cloud: AWS, SES, CloudFront, S3, EC2
  • Developer tools: Trello, Bitbucket
  • Development tool: Visual Studio Code, Android Studio
  • Mobile app development language: Java

Outcome of proposed solution

We developed the smartphone application so that the public can download the application on their smartphone and lodge their complaints through the application along with the photo or video. To address the complaints round the clock the municipality set up a control room, a dedicated phone number and deployed the task force team. The task force team will be headed by the Municipal Commissioner. The complaint will reach the corresponding area task force team head instantly along with the GPS location of the complaint and also to the control room. Each action on the complaint can be visible by the users.
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