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Suraksha Police
This ‘Suraksha Police’ app, will take public’s complaints and appreciations if any to the District Police Office (DPO) directly. There is also a provision to upload photos directly.

Scope of project

The District Police Office (DPO) is the main nerve center of the Udupi District Police. Police as the custodians of law play a very important role in the progress of any society. Many times we have seen there is an inherent fear associated with any police force and people don’t freely approach us for any help that they might need. Proposed to develop a mobile application.

Solution defined

We decided to develop a user-friendly mobile application. Users can post their complaints with the

image/video which they are facing. The police force will take the necessary actions on the reported complaint. Users can share the app very easily.

Tech stack used


  • Frontend: php 7
  • Server: Godaddy
  • Database: MYSQL
  • Developer tools: Trello, Bitbucket
  • Development tool: Visual Studio Code, Android Studio
  • Mobile app development language: Java

Outcome of proposed solution

Chipsy developed a mobile application with nice designs. This ‘Suraksha Police’ app, we believe, will break the fear of complaining about the police. We expect users to actively participate and send their complaints. There is also a provision to upload Photos to the police team directly. All of the complaints that are posted in this app will be kept confidential, the inquiry will be conducted and the result of that will be communicated to users directly.

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