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GetSetHire Job Portal Mobile App

GETSETHIRE is a web platform for the recruitment business which involves in job ads, referrals, application process.

Scope of project

GETSETHIRE is a web platform for the recruitment business which involves in job ads, referrals, application process. Uniqueness of this web platform is Employer can fix the “referral amount” on his own wish for the “Online Consultants/referrers” who help to share the job details to job seekers and refer them back to the employer.

Once the employer post his vacancy for jobs, Online consultants/referrers” generate the “Affiliate Link” and share with their contacts in terms of “SMS”, “WhatsApp”, “Email” and any other online platform. “Job Seekers/applicants” are the one who use the affiliate link to apply for jobs.

“Online Referrals/Consultants” to generate affiliate links; Employer and Job applicant information associated with Job opening and the online Referrer/Consultant which has status of active or not, status of the deal, date and time stamps, overall log information to be stored to trace back and settle the final deal.

Once any Job applicant gets job and confirmation from the hiring Company, Commission/Referral amount in terms of Points will be transferred to “Online Consultants/referrers” after the Job applicant joins the company and complete one month.

Solution defined

We were focused on enhancing the business with well-planned strategies and the right marketing methods. We chose the right products, resources, offered a customer loyalty program, developed innovative marketing ideas, and worked in accordance with the market trends.

Tech stack used


  • Frontend: Angular, Bootstrap
  • Backend: php 7.2 Lumen Framework
  • Server: Nginx Ubuntu 20.04 LTS
  • Database: MongoDB 4.2
  • Cloud: AWS, SES, CloudFront, S3, EC2
  • Developer tools: Trello, Jenkins, Bitbucket
  • Devops related: Aws pipeline
  • Development tool: Visual Studio code, Android Studio, Xcode

Outcome of proposed solution

Chipsy has provided Online Solution for Job Posting where it promotes Employer brand as well as digitalise job posting and hiring of candidate.

Save Time & Money
We provided simple and unique solutions that help clients to get more offers. Client referral amount/commission programs helped to earn more loyal candidates.

Your personalized app
We are highly adaptable to your specific business needs and goals. We understand and develop refined solutions that provide a better user experience and offer a unique brand identity.

Data Security
We ensure the complete protection of our customers confidential data. It is our top priority and keeps updated with the latest data security practices, compliance, and regulations.

Assurance of Quality
We work with an insight to deliver 100% customer satisfaction and quality standards that keep us unique among the potential customers. We constantly analyze and evolve to offer the best results.

Life Time Support
Even after the launch of your app, we offer seamless post technical support and maintenance services. We resolve all technical issues, remove bugs, and rectify the problems.

Latest Technology
The use of the latest technologies, tools, and innovative solutions along with world-class expertise helped us to handcraft tailor-made, efficient, responsive, scalable, secure, and user-friendly apps.

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