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TAPMI Mobile App

Tapmi app is designed for better interaction between students, teachers, parents, and management. This app provides timely feedback as well as helps to build a better relationship with parents.

Scope of project

T.A. Pai Management Institute is a private autonomous business school in India. This Institution needs a system for students to communicate with the management regarding parents’ appointments, complaints, leaves, and night outs. For this, We come up with the new idea to make a student-friendly app and also an admin panel for the management.

Solution defined

We kept students and management in our minds to make their work easy. An app in which students can log in to the system by registered mobile number and OTP.

So that students can use the app very easily and management will get the detailed description about student queries.

Tech stack used


  • Frontend & Backend : PHP Laravel
  • Server: Nginx Ubuntu 18.04 LTS
  • Database: MongoDB 4.2
  • Cloud: AWS, SES, CloudFront, S3, EC2
  • Developer tools: Trello, Bitbucket
  • Development tool: Visual Studio Code, Android Studio, Xcode
  • Mobile app development language: Java and Swift

Outcome of proposed solution

To help the student and management with appointment scheduling, leaves and complaints proposed an app and admin panel. In this system, students can send the request to the management regarding leaves then management will go through the leaves description and agree for students to leave the campus through QR code scan. If the student-facing any issues in the college or hostel then one can submit the complaints so that management people can take actions on the same. Students can have the accessibility to the app to meet parents on the campus by sending the request to the management.

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