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React Native

React is a framework created by Facebook for data driven web interfaces. React provides a component driven architecture which uses a declarative syntax and is easily extensible. React was originally created for web user interfaces. The mantra behind React has been “Learn Once, Write Anywhere”. Facebook’s goal has been to “be able to develop a consistent set of goals and technologies that let us build applications using the same set of principles across whatever platform we want.” Given this overarching goal they set out to apply the same set of principles such as the virtual dom, stateful components, layout engine, and many others to the iOS and Android platforms. The benefit of React and React Native is that if you understand how to build a React Native app for iOS, you understand how to build a React Native app for Android. It’s learn once, write anywhere. Libraries like Phonegap provide a wrapper around a web user interface using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. React Native instead provides a virtual DOM representation which then renders native controls. React Native is able to take native platform components like sliders, switches, labels, tab bars and wrap them in React component counterparts.