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React ensures its existence first. React emerged as a way to develop user interfaces for the web by bringing JavaScript into use. It came as a way of UI development where web developers started loving this.

React Native belongs to the same category of PhoneGap but is considered to be technologically superior. Considered it to be relatively young, emerging and open source framework from Facebook, it has enabled the concept of web development to be incorporated in mobile app development.


  • Hot reloading: With the ultimate motive to offer the best app developer experience to save the file and enable to see the changes, the main idea of React Native is to keep the app running and simultaneously injecting the latest versions of the file that is edited by the app developers at runtime. It enables not only to save time on compilation but enhances productivity where the development time is reduced considerably.
  • Shorter time to market: As compared to developing the application on native, React Native takes a shorter time to market as just one application has to be developed rather than making it separately for two.
  • Open source: It gives access to inspect the code that enhances the understanding of the framework, it improves the framework by adding the features.
  • Cost saving approach: It ensures maximum code usage i.e. same code can be used for iOS as well as Android, that leaves the mobile app development cost by half.
  • Well-tuned with mobile devices: Unlike any other native platforms, which are more influenced in favour of CPU(Central Processing Unit), React Native is more of GPU intensive which helps better to perform in memory category. Swift employs GPU and CPU on iPhone apps, so it makes sense that React Native is closer to Swift.
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