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Looking for a court booking system? Venue management software

"Book and play" app designed and developed by Chipsy Services. This app provides the right solution to book the ground and play at your own time. No more queue that you need to wait for Just book and play. The best option to search and book a place to play sports around you. You can discover playgrounds, training centres, tournaments, adventure sports, even coaches too.

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Book and play acts as a platform for the sports community. The best app for sports lovers. Some of the features you find in the app are -

1. Ground list

2. Recommended for you

3. Bookings

4. Profiles

5. Log in with Google / Facebook 

6. Friends 

This kind of online ground booking system for a playground would help to save the time and transportation cost. This will let players book the playground or hall of the sports department. While booking players will get to know the availability of ground day or night. 

Do you have any such idea in your mind? Contact us. We are ready to develop any kind of application with new technology.