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Laravel 5.6.12 Released

Laravel 5.6.12 shipped over the weekend with added support for signed routes and URLs along with quite a few other new additions. Support for signed routes was added by Taylor Otwell, which provides a few new methods you can use to generate a signed route and a temporary signed route. For example, if you have a named route foo, you can generate a temporary URL. The signed routes come with a new ValidateSignature middleware that will throw an InvalidSignatureException if the route signature is tampered with or expires, which results in a 401 status code. Two new query builder methods were added, fromSub() and fromRaw() that help you create a subquery on from, instead of only being able to use table names. Next up, is a new “not regex” validation rule that validates that an attribute doesn’t pass a regular expression check. An “after” callback was added for model factories that allow a user to define an action to be run after the model is created or made using create() or make()A new “any filled” conditional was added to the request used to determine if any of a group of inputs is filled on the request.

v5.6.12 (2018-03-14)


  • Added fromSub() and fromRaw() methods to query builder (#23476)
  • Added “Not Regex” validation rule (#23475)
  • Added seed parameter to Arr::shuffle() (#23490)
  • Added after callback to model factories (#23495,d79509d)
  • Added Request::anyFilled() method (#23499, 896d817)
  • Added support for signed routes (#23519)
  • Added assertNotFound() and assertForbidden() methods to TestResponse(#23526)
  • Added test helpers to assert that a job has been queued with a chain (#23531, 696f4d8)