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Even if you own a car or any other vehicle, it’s always better to rent a car for long distance driving. Whether you're traveling for business or for fun, renting a car will have a lot of advantages.

Why rent a car?

Even we own a car, it’s always better to rent the car for a long drive. The car comes with all types of insurance coverage. You can pay a nominal amount in addition to the rental amount. Your car will not add additional mileage to your long drive. You can rent your dream car, luxury or convertible for a fun family ride. If your car is older, you can get pretty new rental cars which have less mileage and good pickup and speed.


Advantages of renting cars

If you are flying out of city you can compare the ticket cost of your family and rental and petrol. It might cost less to travel by car than flying. If you can rent a SUV, an entire family can drive together. You can stop and take a break whenever and wherever you want. If you go by public transport, you have to be depending on them for resting. Spacious cars of 7 seaters or 12 seaters can be fun to drive.

If you plan to fly one way, you can opt for one way rental. Drive to the fun or business destination. Drop off the car at the airport rental office and fly back to your city. Usually, rental cars will be less than 5 years old. So there are very minimum breakdowns.

In case of Breakdown:

Rental companies will take care of getting the car fixed and towing for free as you would have paid for the insurance. They also should get you accommodation or replacement car in case repair of the car takes more than a day.


What to check when renting:

Before signing up and picking the car from the rental please check the following

1.   Check for damages, dents, scratches on the car.

2.   Tire pressure

3.   Extra tire in the trunk

4.   Insurance paper- coverage

5.   Petrol – full / half or empty while picking up

6.   Headlights, tail lights, blinkers, wiper, A/C, heater and defrost working

7.   Cleanliness inside the car.

8.   Odometer reading before you start

9.   Take a picture of the car if needed

             GPS for better navigation


While Driving

Be careful and follow the rules while driving. Car rental insurances will not cover the traffic fines and you have to pay from your pocket.

1.   Wear seat belt

2.   Drive within the speed limit

3.   Always turn and look at the blind view, if blind view mirror doesn’t exist

4.   Always use indicators before 100 feet of turning left or right

5.   Keep the 2 seconds or 2 feet distance from the vehicle in front

6.   Don’t expect all follow rules and drive, so be careful and alert when driving

 Why Insurance

You have to buy car insurance, unless you have coverage of rental cars on your own car insurance.  This will cover breakdown, accidents during the trip.

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